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Rental House Renovations & Upgrades

A Letter from the Owner

Lisa and I have 5 children ages 18 to 28! We enjoy Maine and visit for several weeks each year. However, it is you, our rental guests who are providing income which we, in turn, are reinvesting in improvements to the Beach Surf Property. Last year we spent $100,000 and took in $20,000 Not a great business return but we love the house so much more and hope you will also.
Thank you

Renovations Completed Spring 2014

  • The 1st floor bedroom has been transformed to a MASTER SUITE with all new windows hardwood flooring, a new closet and connecting master bath.
  • A downstairs king bed master bedroom has been added with new floors, additional windows and a new downstairs full master bath.
  • The views from both masters are spectacular!
  • The upstairs and downstairs masters mirror each other at approximately 900 square feet.
  • The upstairs king bed master bedroom and bath have been completely renovated.
  • A gas stove has been installed in the sitting room with reading chairs.
  • All new windows have added to the improvements.
  • A gas fire place was added to extend the rental period until December 1.
  • We have also extended the deck and added a new sliding door for private access.
  • There is now a third king oceanfront bedroom with a 8 foot window on the ocean with deck access.
  • This suite is smaller than the other two master suites but has a newly remodeled bath with a gas stove (atmosphere or heat) finishes the room.
  • The guest bathroom (next to the sauna) was enlarged and remodeled including a 40 square foot shower with dual shower heads.
  • New wood floors were installed throughout the downstairs and valance windows were added to the hallway to give the two children’s rooms additional natural light.
  • Two new hot water heaters were added to accommodate the additional bathrooms

Upcoming Renovations for 2015

  • Current plans are to double the size of the kitchen putting in top appliances and a more workable layout for those us who love to Cook!

Additional Guests Requests & Solutions

We love our tenents and want to hear not only what they loved about staying in our beach surf rental, but what they would like to see changed. Here are a few of our recent requests and fixes.

Request: Outdoor furniture is old.
Solution: All new white outdoor furniture has been purchased (made from milk bottles; plastic resin)

Request: Children’s games are missing pieces
Solution: Every year we are sending new children’s games

Request: Mattresses
Solution: All three king master bedrooms have new mattresses for the 2014 season

Request: Silverware – Only 10 settings
Solution: We purchased new silverware for 20 Settings

Request: New Linens
Solution: All new linens, replaced for the 2014 season

Request: Guests requested More/New Pots and pans
Solution: Replaced and Added 20 new assorted pots and pans were purchased at the end of 2013 Season.

Request: Guests request a walk in shower on the main floor.
Solution: We put in a 40 sq foot shower, next to the sauna, that is a walk in.

Request: Guests request Additional TV Channels
Solution: We changed and upgraded cable packages to accommodate sports fans and more local channels.

Renovated Floor Plan

First Floor

1st Floor Layout